Magnesium Orotate

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Magnesium Orotate

  • Product Name : Magnesium Orotate
  • CAS : 34717-03-8
  • Molecular Formula : C10H6MgN4O8
  • Molecular Weight : 334.48 g/mol

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As manufacturer of Magnesium Orotate we hereby state the following facts about the drug:

Magnesium orotate is magnesium salt of orotic acid and is poorly soluble in water. It is a source of magnesium and is used as a mineral supplement to treat magnesium deficiency. Orotic acid acts as a transporter that carries magnesium into the cells. It also exhibits antioxidant properties, since it is a key intermediate in the biosynthetic pathway of pyrimidines that promotes the synthesis of enzymes that act as free radical scavengers. Experiments investigating the potential cardioprotective actions of orotic acid in pathological heart conditions are still ongoing.


Scientific studies on magnesium orotate:

  • Magnesium orotate molecule includes two synergic protective components: orotic acid and magnesium. Moreover, the orotic acid behaves as a transporter, carrying magnesium into the cells. The antioxidation protective effect of the orotic acid is mainly due to the pirimidinic bases that favor and increase the synthesis of enzymes that act as free radical scavengers. The cell antioxidation protective system is dramatically impaired following heavy aggressions such as the ischemia-reperfusion process. Magnesium orotate improves the survival of cells situated within the perinecrotic areas as well as of the cells secondarily damaged during the so-called “second wind”.
  • At a symposium on magnesium orotate, a number of studies of this form of metabolic supplementation were presented that indicate orotic acid and its magnesium salt have a modest beneficial effect on the myocardium under conditions of stress ranging from myocardial infarction to severe physical exercise. The following conclusions were drawn:
    • Orotic acid can improve the energy status of the recently infarcted myocardium (rat hearts)
    • Orotic acid may improve myocardial purine and pyrimidine levels by stimulating hepatic release of uridine into the bloodstream, which in turn augments depleted myocardial pyrimidines and purines (rat heart)
    • Orotic acid improves the tolerance of the recently infarcted heart to global ischemia (rats)
    • Magnesium orotate may reduce the severity of chronic myocardial dysfunction and structural damage in cardiomyopathy (cardiomyopathic hamsters)
    • Magnesium orotate may improve exercise tolerance in patients with coronary artery disease and in trained athletes (humans)
    • Magnesium orotate has only a weak inotropic effect, if any, on normal hearts (rats)
    • Further clinical testing is indicated to determine if the effects described could be of significant clinical benefit in the treatment of heart disease

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