Genomics and Translation biology

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SKANDA provides a wide range of services in the area of recombinant DNA technology, strain engineering and gene expression analysis.


Expression of a targeted gene at the transcriptional and translational levels in host is important in studying the functional gene. Scientists at skanda routinely use molecular tools for understanding genotypic and phenotypic expression/ regulation in prokaryotic, Eukaryotic and mammalian systems.

  • Gene expression studies by PCR, RT-PCR and qPCR methods.
  • DNA cloning, DNA sequencing, gene expression and western blotting services.
  • Cancer gene expression study Caspase3, Caspase8, Caspase9 BCL2, Bax, Brac 1, Brac 2, HSP90 and HSP27.
  • RAPD, RFLP, Next generation sequencing- metagenomics, whole genome sequencing, Transcriptome analysis
  • Transfection of clones in mammalian cell lines CHO-K1, HEK 293, 3T3, MCF7 etc.
  • Clonal selection, amplification, analysis of expression by various Biochemicals and functional methods.