Ferric Citrate

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Ferric Citrate

  • Product Name : Ferric Citrate
  • CAS : 23383-11-1
  • Molecular Formula : C6H6FeO7
  • Molecular Weight : 245.95 g/mol
  • Therapeutic Category : Phosphate binders

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As manufacturer of Ferric Citrate we hereby state the following facts about the drug:

Ferrous citrate describes coordination complexes containing citrate anions with Fe2+ formed in an aqueous solution. Ferrous citrates are all paramagnetic, reflecting the weak crystal field of the carboxylate ligands. Ferrous citrates are produced by treating disodium citrate Na2C6H6O7 with sources of iron (II) aqua complexes. Gastrointestinal absorption of iron is adequate.


Therapeutic uses:

  • Hematinic
  • The in vitro and in vivo availability of iron from total parenteral nutrition solutions to which ferrous citrate has been added was investigated. In vitro experiments showed that 74% of the added iron was available to transferrin. In 7 patients in whom in vivo availability was tested by red cell incorporation, the mean availability was 81%. It was concluded that ferrous citrate is a safe and effective means of iron supplementation in patients on TPN therapy.
  • In ferrokinetic studies of iron absorption and turnover rates. Ferrous citrate is especially useful in that it may be administered directly into the bloodstream where it reacts with the metal-binding globulin normally present in excess, thus avoiding the isolation and in vitro tagging of that protein.
  • Iron compounds can be used as catalysts, pigments, drugs, agriculture, nutrition, metallurgy, and leather tanning.

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