Di Calcium Phosphate

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Di Calcium Phosphate

  • Product Name : Di Calcium Phosphate
  • CAS : 7757-93-9
  • Molecular Formula : CaHPO4
  • Molecular Weight : 136.06 g/mol

Global Calcium is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Di Calcium Phosphate CAS no. 7757-93-9, Mineral Actives . We support the customers with exhaustive documentation. As a USDMF & EU-GMP certified global company and an established hallmark for pharmaceutical standards, Global Calcium has stood the test of time since its inception in 1979.

As manufacturer of Di Calcium Phosphate we hereby state the following facts about the drug:

Dicalcium phosphate (DCP) is an insoluble inorganic diluent. The anhydrous (triclinic crystal) and dihydrate (monoclinic structure) forms of DCP are used in pharmaceutical development. The dihydrate form of DCP presents good flow properties and low hygroscopicity. Based on the temperature and humidity, the dihydrate form tends to lose water of hydration, which can cause the chemical instability of APIs in dosage forms. Because of the absence of water in its crystal structure, the anhydrous form of DCP exhibits higher porosity, leading to better compressibility and faster disintegration. The dihydrate form transforms (partially or wholly) to the anhydrous form because of the high temperature in the wet granulation process. Comparison between the two forms of DCP showed that the anhydrous form has better intraparticular porosity and better compressibility than the dihydrate form. In addition, because of the higher intraparticular porosity, the disintegration of anhydrous DCP is better than the dihydrate form. Both forms of DCP, however, needed a swelling-type disintegrant in the formulation when used. Different grades of DCP are available, with coarse grade used for direct compression and milled grade for wet granulation or roller compaction. The milled grade has an alkaline pH and cannot be used with API incompatible with basic pH.


Therapeutic uses and effectiveness:

  • Dicalcium phosphate is used as a food additive
  • It is found in some toothpaste as a polishing agent and is a biomaterial
  • Heating dicalcium phosphate gives dicalcium diphosphate, a useful polishing agent:

2 CaHPO4 → Ca2P2O7 + H2O

  • It is also used in some toothpaste as a tartar control agent
  • Dibasic calcium phosphate is mainly used as a dietary supplement in prepared breakfast cereals, dog treats, enriched flour, and noodle products
  • Dicalcium phosphate is also found in some dietary calcium supplements (e.g. Bonexcin)
  • It is also used as a tableting agent in some pharmaceutical preparations, including some products meant to eliminate body odor
  • It is used in poultry feed
  • In the dihydrate (brushite) form, it is found in some kidney stones and in dental calculi

Global Calcium is a leading manufacturer of this drug. We manufacture this pharmaceutical drug and make it available to domestic and overseas market