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Mineral Premix / Vitamin Premix / Micronutrient Premix / Amino acid Premix

Global Calcium is a prominent manufacturer and leading expert in providing customized solutions of vitamin premixes, mineral premixes, and amino acid premixes. With a robust track record, we have consistently delivered high-quality premixes to customers across various industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, and nutraceuticals.

Application areas for our Premixes:

Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional Supplements

Adults/Kids/Pregnant-Lactating Mother/Diabetic /weight Management

Nutritional Supplements

Milk & Milk Products Fortification

(Dairy Cal , Vitamin AD premix/Vitamin ADE premix)

Nutritional Supplements

Wheat Flour/maize Flour Fortification

Micronutrient Premix (Biscuits/Bread/Noodles)

Nutritional Supplements

Beverage Applications

(Electrolyte drink/Energy drink/Fruits Juices & other herbal drinks)

Nutritional Supplements

Edible Oil Fortification

(Vitamin A/Vitamin D & Vitamin E premix)

Nutritional Supplements

Chocolate & Confectionary Applications

Nutritional Supplements

Pharmaceutical Applications

(Multivitamins/Multi minerals Tablet)

Nutritional Supplements

Mineral –amino Acid Chelate

(Fe, Ca, Mg, Mn, Zn)

Nutritional Supplements

Speciality Nutrient Premix

(Inositol, Taurine, Carnitine Etc)


  • Formulations were designed based on RDA as well as customer requirements.
  • Adequate overages were added by considering processing & Storage losses.
  • Free flowing /Compatible with other ingredients.
  • International Standard Laboratory facility equipped with capabilities of testing Lead, Arsenic, Mercury & cadmium.
  • DSIR Certified Laboratory facility.
  • FSSAI /FSSC Certified Mineral/Vitamin Premix.
  • GAIN approved facility.
  • Cold storage facility for all Vitamin to maintain the stability.

Advantage of using Micronutrient Premixes

  • Blending all ingredients into an easy-to-use, one- item premix.
  • Reduce your number of inventory line items.
  • Reduce coordination and importation of multiple ingredients.
  • Reduce potential production errors when dealing with expensive and small quantity ingredients.
  • Blend is customized to meet your desired or specific nutritional needs/claims.