Dr. Sree Sachin AR

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Dr. Sree Sachin AR

Techno Commercial Lead

Sree Sachin has pursued PhD in Biomedical engineering and who has ‘hands on’ for more than 10 years in the field of Neurobiology in both industry (big pharma and small biotech) and academia (City University of Hong Kong). Neuroscientist with a demonstrated history of working in the research field of neurobiology, neuroscience and neurotoxicology in Australia, Germany, and Hong Kong.

Sachin mainly focuses on enabling companies to achieve their research goals, generating and negotiating proposals for biology research contracts, service agreements and contracts for long term collaborations. Representing Skanda, attending seminars and meetings also presents at conferences. He was into Techno commercial /Business /Sr Principal Scientists in drug discovery programs for various international clients Pfizer, Merck, Eli Lilly, and few academics NIH/NUS.

Sachin identifies new leads and opportunities for Drug Discovery, Bioanalytical, Invitro, In vivo, studies, an enthusiastic networker, scientifically and results driven, who genuinely enjoys facilitating collaborations between sponsors with the aim of helping clients to develop better medicines and practices.