Manufacturing Capabilities

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Manufacturing Capabilities

Global Calcium’s manufacturing plants are fully cGMP compliant as per EU Standards and have state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

We have multi-facilities with SS electro-chemical reactors, SS filters & sparklers, chilling and evaporation crystallizes, centrifuging facilities, crushing facilities, granulation & blending facilities, calcium spray dryer technology – Large Scale, integrated water system, waste treatment and auto packaging.

Hence we are positioned to offer clients end-to-end high quality products, technology oriented, and optimized production practices.

Our 5 independent manufacturing plants have a capacity to produce over 2000 MT of various Calcium and Mineral Gluconates salts the year around, making us one of the world’s largest producers in the world.

Our facility has a dedicated Spray-Drying Unit that is designed to meet the highest quality standards and optimize product-drying yields with improved density control. The facility is entirely automated and has a capacity to process 750 MT per annum. This is now being increased 1500 MT per annum.

Global Calcium has multi feeder and storage tanks, hot air generators, alcohol storage tanks, cooling towers and complete generator power back up to support power fluctuations and low voltage power conditions.

Our waste treatment initiatives adhere to standards of the State Pollution Control Board in handling gaseous and solid waste disposal and recycling. We are one of the few companies of this scale to get an ISO 14001 accreditation. Our entire manufacturing areas are supported by large gardens, flowering trees and plants creating a picture perfect environment reiterating our commitment to the environment with high safety standards.Global Calcium understands that the right people make a difference to the pharmaceutical business and employs only the best professional and highly qualified talent to steer its operations.