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Our experience and focus on product development extends to cover a wide range of organic calcium and mineral salts for health food supplements, pharmaceuticals, animal health care and other specialty formulations. Today we offer end-to-end solutions, from bulk drugs to solid dosage formulations to sterile preparations and large volume parental.

Our expertise extends to understanding these compounds and suggesting applications towards making improved formulations and combination products to meet your specific business requirements. We constantly work towards quality enhancement and process optimization to enable better product yields, thereby helping us pass on a huge cost advantage to our customers.

Today Global Calcium is the prime supplier of choice for several leading pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies across the globe due to their reputation for quality and continually high standards of service and extremely competitive pricing.

We offer a wide range of food and beverage fortification products, including mineral water fortification that help food technologists match the demands of today’s consumers for environmentally safe health products. All our products offer enhanced safety, bioavailability and best in class excellence.

Due to our 25 year plus experience our propriety process and our strategic alliances. Global Calcium offers its customer best-in-class prices whilst maintaining quality standards that few manufacturers can boast of.

Quality products combined with perfected expertise to offer global clients an one-stop-shop experience for quality health supplements and formulation ingredients.