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Skin Lightening & Sunscreen

Evaluation of melanin inhibitory properties against UV induced melanin synthesis.

  • In-vitro antioxidant activity (LPO).
  • Determination of SPF factor
  • Evaluation of modulatory effect on MITF, TRP-1 and DCT gene expression in melanocytes
  • Mushroom Tyrosinase Inhibitory assay

Moisturizing & Soothing 

  • In-vitro antioxidant studies
  • In-vitro cytoprotective activity against UV induced DNA damage in keratinocytes.
  • In -vitro anti-inflammatory studies.
  • Evaluation of modulatory effect on AQP-3, p53, collagen and elastin gene expression in keratinocytes.

 Anti-Aging & Anti-Wrinkle 

  • In-vitro antioxidant studies.
  • Cytoprotective effect against UV induced cell damage.
  • Evaluation of protective role against photo aging.
  • Modulatory effect on collagen biosynthesis in dermal fibroblasts.
  • Evaluation of modulatory effect on Collagen, Elastin and MMP-9 gene expression in dermal fibroblasts.


  • In-vitro inhibitory studies against P. acne.
  • In-vitro anti-inflammatory studies.
  • Evaluation of modulatory effect on 5α reductase, IL-8 and MMP-1 gene expression

 Wound Healing

  • Effect on cell migration by scratch model in fibroblasts.
  • In-vitro anti-inflammatory studies.
  • Evaluation of modulatory effect on IL-6, IL-8 and MMP-2 gene expression


  • Effect of product on proliferation on HaCaT cell line
  • Effect of Nitric oxide generation in THP-1 cells
  • Determination of apoptotic activity of test substance in HaCaT cell line by DNA fragmentation analysis
  • In-vivo anti-psoriatic activity in rat tail model

Oral Care

  • Studies against oral bacteria (Staphylococcus sp) & streptococcus sp
  • Studies against Gingivitis causing bacteria
  • Modulatory effect on Lactobacillus sp

Disinfectants & Preservatives

  • Anti-microbial studies.
  • Time Kill assay.
  • Contact kill assay.
  • Preservative Efficacy Test (PET)

Hair Care

  • Anti-dandruff studies against furfur and C. albicans
  • Cell proliferation assay.
  • Evaluation of modulatory effect on 5α reductase, collagen, laminin, IL-8, SHH gene and ECM protein expression in keratinocytes.

In-vivo Anti-hair fall study

In-vivo Anti-hair fall study on test product using androgenic alopecia rat model.

Parameters analyzed:

  • Physical parameters
  • Hair length
  • Hair density (no. /mm)
  • Biochemical parameters
  • Total protein in blood serum
  • Total leucocytes count (WBC)
  • Histopathology of skin

Clinical Trials

  • Skanda offers clinical trial studies as per Clinical Trials Registry – India (CTRI) and has a healthy volunteer base of 1000 individuals.
  • Skanda has successfully completed more than 40 clinical trials for skin care and cosmetics.
  • We have experienced Cosmetic Surgeons in our advisory research team who can help in the design of experimentation and associated with many reputed hospitals for volunteers.