Invivo studies

  • Nociceptive Pain
  • Neuropathic Pain Models
  • Inflammatory Pain
  • Target Engagement
  • Biomarker Analysis


Oncology Models

Subcutaneous Xenograft Models

  • Lung (HCC827, Calu-6, H1975, A549)
  • Breast (MDA-MB-231)
  • Colon (HT-29, Colo-205, HCT116)
  • Prostate (PC3, DU-145)
  • Gastric (MKN-45, AGS)
  • Pancreatic (PANC-1, MIAPaCa)
  • Others (A431, U-87 MG, B16-F10)

Orthotopic Xenograft models

  • Breast and Prostate

Metastatic Xenograft models

  • Lung and Liver

Syngeneic tumor models

  • B16F10

PK-PD modelsScreening Models in Mice and Rats

  • Xenograft Tumors
  • Western Blot, ELISA, MSD and FACS based PD marker assessment in Tumor tissue

Metabolic Disorder Models and Biomarker for In Vivo Pharmacology

  • Diet Induced obesity (DIO)
  • Incretin and endocrine secretion - GLP-1, PYY/CCK


  • Zebra fish/ Guppi fish, Histopathology and efficacy
  • Wound healing efficacy evaluation in diabetic wistar albino rats