Dr . Yogisha . S
Director and Founder

Dr.Yogisha started Skanda Life Sciences Pvt Ltd in Bangalore, India, has been involved in Business Development, R&D and market innovations as well as strategic partnerships & had an experience of 16 years in Pharma industry, Biotech, Food & Healthcare research centers. He joins LGC from G7 Synergon Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, India, where he served as Research Head, R&D Biological. During his tenure, G7 R&D was developed, generating revenue and active client base.
In Jubilant, he was involved in various target based screening activities for small molecules especially for GPCR, Oncology targets & patented two molecules. In Avesthagen, he worked as Project investigator for diabetes & 3 biosimilar products. He has good Project Management skills, interfacing and motivating research teams for delivering projects within budgets and timelines. In his experience, he has set up many laboratories mainly Cell biology, Microbiology, Analytical & Bioanalytical labs, Biochemical & Animal facilities for Oncology (Nude mice facility). He has been involved in Target identification, selection & validation for 2-3 GPCR targets & Oncology targets.
Yogisha has a good knowledge about Invitro & In vivo assay development & its validation. He has extensive research experience in Natural products & its molecules for screening in drug discovery mechanisms. He was also involved in setup of High throughput screening cell based assays development & its validation. Also worked on Glycon marker associated with Ezose biosciences & Prof. Nishimura, Hokkaido University, Japan. He has developed many herbal formulations based on the biological activity. He was associated with various research organization Viz., CFTRI Mysore, Animal Biotechnology, Bangalore, MS Ramaiah Hospital, Natural remedies R&D center, Avesthagen, Stempeutics, Jubilant Biosys drug discovery center & worked as General manager LGC Standards (UK based). He received his PhD in Microbiology at the University of Mysore, Manasagangotri.

Sofia Safi
Business Director

She brings investment groups, identifying new opportunity, collaborative & partnership business to Skanda. She had good project management skills, interfacing, and client interactions in USA & EU for major global healthcare, drug discovery organizations, and Pharma companies. She has good experience in herbal products & its marketing globally. Sofia involved in development of new products

Dr. Anand . S

Dr. Anand is a doctorate in Microbiology from Central Food Technological Research Institute; Mysore, wherein he has extensively associated with DBT, DST, and ICMR funded projects on molecular diagnostics, molecular and immunological detection of microbial pathogens and metabolites, gene cloning, sequencing, and expression studies. He comes with more than 15 years of industrial and entrepreneurial experiences in bioinformatics, Healthcare, Nutraceuticals, drug discovery research and Bioanalytical method development & validation for NCE and phytochemicals by LC-MS/MS, HPLC and application in pharmacokinetics study. He has been credited with number of international publications and process patents on microbiology, drug discovery and healthcare sector. He has been instrumental in conceiving novel ideas for the drug discovery and nutraceuticals product lines at Skanda Lifesciences.

Dr. Niranjan .T . G

Dr. Niranjan. PhD in Biochemistry, Prior joining us he was working as Research scientist in Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Newyork, USA, wherein he has extensively worked on how serine/threonine receptors are connected to the PI3K/AKT pathway and at molecular level how dsyregulation of the adaptor molecule would cause kidney disease. His research work have shown that in mice over expressing activated Notch1, apoptosis of podocytes and effacement of the foot processes of podocytes occurs as evidenced by electron microscopy. His long term interest is on understanding the different roles played by the Notch isoforms (notably Notch1 and Notch2 – apoptosis vs. cell survival.
He has provided proof of principle those gamma-secretase inhibitors as therapeutic target for the treatment of Diabetic Nephropathy and co inventor of patent for treatment of renal disease (Notch pathway inhibitors). He has extensively worked on characterization of G Protein Subunits in Yeast Publications: 6, Patent; 1 USA Patent on Gamma secretase inhibitor. At Skanda his interest is in identifying novel drugable nodes in crucial pathways involved in diabetes nephropathy as patients with chronic renal disease are more prone to die of cardiovascular complications.

Dr. Sridhar
Principal Scientist

Dr. Sridhar has more than 10 years of national and international research experience in Molecular biology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry, animal cell culture, primary cell culture, cell-based assays, Flow cytometry, handling animals and basic animal studies. Basic Virology, Immunology and Microbiology. He has worked on Rotavirus non- structural proteins in IISc Bangalore. He worked on Rho signaling pathway and unraveled the sustained activation of RhoA through phosphorylation of p190RhoGAP by Rho-Kinase in Nagoya University, Japan. At DCU, Dublin, he worked on potassium channels by concatenating 4 alpha-subunits and expressing functional proteins in mammalian cell lines, and also, successfully isolated pure compound from natural source that target Kv1 channel which would be a potential target for multiple sclerosis. He has published research articles in peer reviewed journals and his research has led to patents. At Skanda life Sciences he is involved in Assay development, Cell biology, Molecular biology, Clone development & Recombinant proteins and also involved in drug discovery research on Oncology targets.

Dr. Manjula Bhat
Senior Principal Scientist

Dr. Manjula, holds Ph.D in Zoology from University of Mysore. Prior joining Skanda She was associated in Eurofins-Advinus, Bangalore. Her major research work was on investigation and simulation of potassium ion channels in cardiac action potential. She has worked extensively on mechanism of action of corticosteroid on ovarian follicles development and reproductive life span in rats, and pathways of progesterone action in the endometrium.
She has over 8 years experience in R&D in GLP & Non-GLP labs. She has excellent record in leading teams for planning of work, managing projects and deliverables. Manjula has experience in both pre-clinical and clinical studies. At Skanda Life sciences she leads her team in assay development, molecular immunology, clinical trials and client interactions towards business leads. Manjula brings very good perspectives of the company needs, capabilities and potential synergies between the emerging and future pharma research markets. She was involved in development of various Hit molecules for various international pharma clients.

Ajay Kumar Patra
Business Development

Ajay Kumar Patra is a post graduate in Biotechnology from University of Bangalore. He has more than 10 years of experience in business development and marketing. As a manager, with his faultless experience, he builds and maintains long-term relationships with new and existing client base. He is skilled in identifying and mapping business strengths and customer needs.
At Skanda Lifesciences, his involvement in business development and marketing brings investment groups by identifying new opportunity, collaboration and partnership to Skanda. He has good closing skills, interfacing and client interactions for major global health care industries.